Doctor Who and the Ark in Space

Jon Culshaw reads this exciting novelisation of a 1975 TV adventure featuring the Fourth Doctor.  At a time in the far-off future, Earth has become uninhabitable. A selection of humanity is placed, deep-frozen, in a fully automated space station to await the day of their return to Earth. 


Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks: A 3rd Doctor Novelisation

An unabridged reading of this classic novelisation, based on a BBC TV adventure featuring the Third Doctor.


Doctor Who and the Genesis of the Daleks: 4th Doctor Novelisation

The place: Skaro. Time: the Birth of the Daleks. After a 1000 years of futile war against the Thals, Davros has perfected the physical form that will carry his race into eternity - the dreaded Dalek.


Doctor Who: The Five Doctors: 5th Doctor Novelisation

Jon Culshaw reads this classic novelisation of Doctor Who's special 20th-anniversary TV adventure, featuring the Doctor in each of his first five incarnations.


Doctor Who: The Pirate Planet: 4th Doctor Novelisation

Jon Culshaw reads the brand-new novelisation of a classic Doctor Who adventure by Douglas Adams. The hugely powerful Key to Time has been split into six segments, all of which have been disguised and hidden throughout time and space. Now the even more powerful White Guardian wants the Doctor to find the pieces.


Doctor Who and the Mutants: 3rd Doctor Novelisation

Jon Culshaw reads this gripping novelisation of a classic adventure for the Third Doctor.  The Time Lords send the Doctor and Jo on a mysterious mission to Skybase One in the late 30th century, from where the Earth Empire governs affairs on the primitive planet Solos.


Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment: A Fourth Doctor Novelisation

An unabridged audiobook of this classic novelisation of a Fourth Doctor TV adventure from 1975. Landing on Earth - now a barren, desolate planet - Sarah, Harry and the Doctor are unaware of a large, watching robot. The robot is the work of Styre, a Sontaran warrior who uses all humans landing here for his experimental programmes.


The Best of the Impressions Show with Culshaw & Stephenson


Dead Ringers Series 1